Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ok, so I am soo behind, let me get Caught UP!!

Here is our Thanksgiving Dinner with mom and dad! I think I must have been sleeping! Dinner was wonderful! We deep fried our Turkey!
For those who love to play Wii, so do we!! My dad came to play with us! Check out his Mii and how close we have it to his actual looks!! :)
This is the Smartest 2 year old that I know!!!
His name is Miles, he is my cousin Stacey's first child!
We went to visit Stacey and her parents, Steve and Sonya the day after Stacey's Birthday on November 23rd.
If you get a book full of Flags, country's, or states, Miles can name most of them!! So hard to imagine a 2 year old remembering all the country's! He also has the alphabet memorized in the correct order! Miles is amazing! He has great powerful arms, that I think some day he could use for massage!!

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