Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Donna!

I love Donna! She is a friend you want to keep forever! She has such a big heart, she will do anything for her friends, she will always be there for a friend! Donna is soo much fun, she has a huge sense of humor to make anyone laugh for hours, I could be happy for life if she could always be by my side!
We surprised Donna with a bunch of her old friends, and instead of regular birthday gifts, we get her baby gifts for her baby that is due in February! It looks like it will be a boy, but that is not a 100% for sure, til the baby is born!

Friends From the Past

Here we are in 1995 just before I left for Uzbekistan, Nichole at the top, LaRaine on the left, Karina on the right, Donna front left, then Jim, Jara and Valori.All of us except Nichole at Donna's Surprise Birthday party, 13 years later! Has it really been that long? I think all of us agree we still feel the same age! Although the 11 kids at the party may be proof that we aren't still teenagers!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Crimsons Trail

We decided to go for a small hike! It took 2 hrs up, 30 min enjoying the scenery and 1 hr back down! Igor promised me that if we went up the side from Guinivah that it wasn't as steep!! But after the we got to the top we were told it is steeper. We made it to the top and had a snack then came back down the side we went up! I guess now I will have to try the other side to compare! But not without Igor! It seems I can make any hike with him! He always gives me a hand when I can't keep going! A Push from the back, a quick leg and knee massage or just to lean on!

The moss makes a great bed, soo soft!!!

I made it!!!!

I made it down, SOOO TIRED, Thank goodness for these strong trees!!

We got down about the same time the Sun did!!!