Sunday, May 31, 2009

Monterey, California!!

Igor got a great new job in Monterey, California! He started the beginning of April! He is teaching Russian to the Military! I drove him and stayed a week to help him get settled, then I left him and my car and flew home! I went back for a week last week, and saw some amazing beautiful scenery! My mother will be joining me for another week trip on the 18th of June! I can't wait to show her all the beautiful places!
I guess I am silly for not being there with him yet, but for now I am staying in Logan and enjoying my family, and taking care of my wonderful clients!!!!

I took this picture from my phone! This is Big Sur it is just South of Monterey!!

This is Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park... It is my dream paradise, notice the waterfall! The blue of the water is soo much prettier than all the rest of the of the beaches!!