Saturday, February 21, 2009

First couple of days in England!!

It is blurry, but it is me, saying goodbye as I leave on the British Airway! See my screen in front of me, I to watch unlimited movies, which made it hard to sleep!!Here are the backward cars, I keep thinking Marci should drive. I keep asking Mark if he is going to deliver mail...hahah, so strange to drive on the left side of the road!!
Here is Marci and Mark's home! Their's is the middle red door!!

Here is the famous British Fish and Chips! Wow Chips are actually french fries! :)
(I was not the one eating Fish, for those that know I hate fish).

This is Stone Henge! Near Amesbury!

This is Bath!
Ancient baths used by the romans! Awesome Sauna, I could have worked here!

Tickets to Wicked for Tuesday night!!!

Here is Mark and Marci buying our tickets, with McDonalds in the background.

London Tower!

London Tower Bridge, soo pretty!!

Gift Shop at London Tower!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Beyond Hair Salon

After working 3 years at Beyond Hair, I have decided it is time to quit!
It was a hard decision to make!
I will miss the girls, the room and my clients!
I have cleaned my stuff out of the room and it no longer seems the same! :(